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أبو العتاهية

How can one heart, one heart not entirely sound, bear so much discontent and the incessant tugging of so much desire ?

Franz Kafka, Diaries (via unesaisonenenfer)

My feelings are too loud for words and too shy for the world.

Dejan Stojanovic, “Forgotten Home”  (via middecember)

How do you survive?

You just do.
There is no other choice,
no other viable options.

You throw yourself into it,
head first
and make a mess along the way.
Gain a few too many scars,
break some things,
mend others.

you find yourself with
a couple of friends
and a few precious tools.

You just have to.
You will.

Michelle K., How Do You Recover? pt. 7 (via michellekpoems)